Hydro Healing Problem Patches

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Zittack problem patches utilize breathable hydrocolloid polymer technology to provide an insulating and protective environment to those unsightly spots, draw out and absorb fluid deep within the blemish, and calm inflammation and redness. Plus, we formulated our patches with antibacterial tea tree oil, so you can say goodbye to those pesky blemishes and say hello to purified, refreshed skin.



20 Tea Tree Oil Infused Patches per pack

How to Zip, Zap, Zittack

1. Locate the warzone

Zittack works best on blemishes that have surfaced (witha whitehead). Cleanse and dry that face thoroughly.

2. Apply Zittack

Apply Zittack to the pimple in question When fluid and pus is absorbed from the blemish, the patch will turn white.

3. Mission Accomplished

You’re ready to go! If needed, replace with a new patch until everything is absorbed and the blemishis flat!


Spot dots with tea tree oil

We’ve infused our spot dots with the tea tree oil, a skincare powerhouse known for its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and complexion perfecting properties.
Tea tree oil is also moisturizing, unlike other topical treatments that are typically drying and can cause irritation. So it’s great for all skin types!


Other ingredients

Hydrocolloid Polymer Caution:

For external use only. Stop using and seek a healthcare professional immediately if rash and/or irritation occurs. Keep out of direct sunlight and store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

Why we love Zittack

Futuristic Skincare

We created Zittack with hydrocolloid polymer technology frequently used in wound and surgical care that gently coaxes out fluid from pimples without overdrying or irritating the skin.

Made to last

We hate flimsy spot dots too! That’s why we designed our problem patches to adhere firmly to the skin and deliver those good ingredients while taking on a night of tossing and turning!

Protect AND Zittack

Our patches are infused with skin friendly tea tree oil, to aid in blasting bacteria and inflammation. This beautiful duo creates a protective barrier to your pimple, cushioning it from the outside world and preventing further issues, or even scarring!

All Skin Types Welcome!

Zittack is designed with everyone in mind. That includes dry, oily, mature, or acneic types! So whether you’re dealing with a once-in-a-blue-moon blemish, or daily complexion issues, anyone can use our trusty, discreet little zit zappers.

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